About us

RONICE is a contemporary women's brand, our pieces are versatile and feminine. We are embarking on an amazing journey as we build a global brand infused with African ideas. We hope to take this to a stage where everybody appreciates our ingenuity in our use of African fabric, and we believe the world is ready for pieces such as ours.



Our mission is to provide unique, elegant, and iconic designs while maintaining a concise attention to detail that infuse African fabrics with Western styles. At RONICE, we are promoting a positive impact while redefining African "fashion" abroad.




  • We strongly believe in promoting a positive image of Africa and its dignified people. We focus on ensuring that their distinguished stories are heard and that their unique talents and African print is celebrated internationally.
  • We strive to provide our customers with high quality, yet unique pieces.
  • We adopt high standards of production with every piece we make